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We Are Rara Biotech

Rara biotech is a young and disruptive company with the aim of learning through experiences, creating local technologies and solving the pressing problems. We care for the bread producers of our country and want to bring a change in their lives by connecting technologies to people in every corner of our country.

With the advancement in local technologies, we will continue to live a healthier and better life. Rara Biotech believes in positively contributing towards the sustainable future of the society. Our company mainly focuses on research and development, manufacture and distribution of products and services for animal veterinary and livestock.

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Our product based research on mushroom will provide standard value for future generations both researchers as well as farmers as a base for further work in nutrient value analysis, their identification and uplifting economic condition via commercial production of commercial as well as wild edible mushrooms of Nepal.

To know more about the mushroom we produce go to our Products section
Link: http://rarabiotech.com/product/colored-oyster-mushroom/

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Livestock farming is a key component of Nepalese agriculture (GDP ). Nepal has 72 million cattle (2014,FAO, Animal Production and Health Division) which is 0.49% of World cattle population but still growth rate is below 0%.

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Waste managemet

RARA BioTech is putting an effort to solve problem of waste management in Nepal using Black soldier fly and also providing disease free organic feed stock used in poultry, fisheries as well as swine farms.

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Use of advanced technology for advancement of life sciences to make life simpler. We provide hands on training for molecular techniques as well as guidance for any research related problems. 

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Stem cell therapy

Stem cell have tremendous potential to treat numerous health related conditions and diseases most effective example being treatment of leukemia. But as we age, stem cells lose their potency. We provide recommendation to good hospitals in India for stem cell therapy (2-3 injections from 1-2 days/4-7 days) at affordable prices in package. 

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