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Cattle pregnancy cost may get cheaper with local kit : Article covered by “The Kathmandu Post”

Cattle pregnancy cost may get cheaper with local kit

This article was covered by Krishana Prasain, Published at October 21, 2019. 

Short read: 

A pioneering innovation in biotechnology promises to help cut the cost of determining cattle pregnancy to almost a fifth in a few months time, if things go as planned.

A biotechnology graduate from Nepal is working toward marketing a low-cost kit to check whether a female cattle is pregnant.

Sumeena Karki and her team of four girls is working on what they call the ‘Rapid Pregnancy Detection Kit’, which is in its conclusion phase. The kit helps in detecting pregnancy in cattle within a month, by using its milk and blood samples.

“It will help give birth to healthy calves in a cost effective manner,” Karki told the Post in an interview.

“Work on the Rapid Pregnancy Detection Kit is already more than 80 percent complete, and if everything goes well, it will take us six months to launch the kit,” said Karki. Karki and her team are making two types of detection kits - one is called ELISA and the other one is called strip test kit. She said that ELISA will be introduced during the first phase while strip test would be in the second.

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